The Aspen Center
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Reduced Fee and Sliding Scale

The Aspen Center offers appointments with therapists at reduced fees.  If you have lost your insurance or are otherwise in need, you still have access to services at The Aspen Center.

The Aspen Center is committed to providing therapy services to those in need, as our community finds itself in challenging and unprecedented times.  Each year Graduate Student Interns join our Treatment Team.  These interns are completing their Masters Degrees in Mental Health Counseling at Adler University in Chicago.  At The Aspen Center, we use an apprenticeship model of training, which means that our Interns are closely supervised by our Training Coordinator, Jill Bajorek, LCSW, and our Site Director, Dr. Alisa Matteson Mundt, PsyD.  

Our Therapists offer help with:



Social Isolation

Relationship Stress

Disordered Eating

Body Image Concerns

Substance Use and Concerns

Greif and Loss

Coming-out Issues

Work-Life Balance

Financial Stress / Strain

Agoraphobia (Fear of Leaving your Home)

The standard fee is 40.00 per session.  However, adjustments can be made for your circumstances.  

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment:  

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