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The Aspen Center's Core Values
Our values are at the heart of our work . . . 

Individualism        Partnership         Respect          Education         Mind-Body Connection

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At The Aspen Center we see people—their history, their experiences, their context, their values, and goals—as unique.  As such, we recognize that each person’s journey towards wellness will reflect this uniqueness.  Our treatment plans reflect this value and are tailored to your individual needs.


At The Aspen Center, you will not find a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.


these other providers to ensure they have essential updates about your treatment.  


At The Aspen Center, we believe that the best treatment is coordinated through these partnerships.  




Working with patients is our passion, and we are honored to be a part of your journey.  At the foundation of our work is respect for your personal values, your culture, your privacy, and you as an individual.


Our clinicians follow an oath that emphasizes respect for the dignity and worth of the people we treat.  We take our oath sincerely.  At The Aspen Center, our goal is for you to feel respected and valued throughout your every interaction with us.

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At The Aspen Center we believe that the path to wellness is a co-created journey.  We view the working relationship we develop with our patients as the key to their success.  We will work closely with you to ensure that we have a full understanding of you and your specific needs. Together, we will discuss treatment options to achieve your goals.


Our treatment plans are dynamic, and through our therapeutic partnership, feedback is shared, providing essential data to further refine and direct the treatment towards your success. At The Aspen Center, our commitment to Partnership also extends beyond the therapeutic relationship.  Our staff collaborates to provide a more cohesive experience for our patients.  


Additionally, we are committed to working with other members of your treatment team, who may include a physician, psychiatrist, or nutritionist.  With your consent, we will communicate with



Education is a vital component of the services we offer at The Aspen Center.  In addition to holding advanced degrees and licensure in our respective disciplines (i.e., clinical psychology, clinical social work), our clinicians are committed to life-long learning.  We keep ourselves abreast of the latest research and innovations in our field, which allows us to offer cutting-edge treatments.


Additionally, we seek to educate the individuals we treat, sharing information for your empowerment and long-term wellness.

Understanding and appreciating the mind-body connection is the philosophical foundation for every treatment at The Aspen Center. Our approach is informed by research validating the complex and inseparable relationship existing between mind and body.


Hence, we develop treatments based on the knowledge that thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes positively or negatively affect biological functioning—that is, our minds affect our physical health.  Conversely, our physical actions positively and negatively affect our mental health.


Each individualized treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment based on this model of health.  At The Aspen Center, we are interested in the “whole person,” we recognize that your symptoms represent only part of the picture. We consider areas of your life that may be out of balance, and work with you to develop strategies that promote balance and wellness.


At The Aspen Center, we treat more than your mind.


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Mind-Body Connection


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Labrynth at Duke University’s Integral Health Program

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