Pam Kranyak, BS

Graduate Student Intern

Pam Kranyak is a graduate student intern at The Aspen Center. Pam earned her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education at Northwestern University. She spent a year tutoring and a subsequent year teaching full-time, then pivoted to pursue a career in counseling. She attends Adler University, working towards a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Pam found that her favorite moments of teaching were the small learning moments, the “aha” feeling when students understood something for the first time. She valued getting to know students’ learning styles: how to listen attentively for student meaning, how to ask questions, and how to remain quiet at critical times. These values coincide with her values as a therapist and led her to counseling.

Pam’s counseling studies at Adler University have allowed her to explore a wide range of evidence-based therapies, as well as best practices in working with various patients, through a social justice lens. She continues to examine therapy efficacy in her courses and in supervision with those experienced in the field.

Pam’s passion for facilitating insight is central to her approach. She values small-scale conversations with large-scale potential; she knows that simple moments can change big things. She also recognizes that change takes time, and she approaches therapy with attention to patients’ timelines and expectations. She uses a systems-based approach to honor patients’ identities and experiences.

Pam’s work with The Aspen Center will further her growth as a therapist toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is excited to work with a team of knowledgeable clinicians in supporting patient growth and development.

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